Treated Pond for Filamentous Algae


4/29/2021 – Sprayed Cutrine Plus Algaecide Aquatic Herbicide by Applied Biochemists around the perimeter of the pond where the Filamentous Algae is floating near and at the shore. The label is here.

Planned to treat 10 ft. from the shore.

The pond’s perimeter is 550 LF and average diameter is 175 ft.

Area of a 175 ft circle (24,052 SF) minus the area of a 165 ft circle (21,382 SF) = 2,670 SF = 0.0612 ac.

  • Table 1 for low density apply 0.2 ppm. = 0.6 gallons/acre-ft.
  • For 0.06 ac x 2 ft avg depth = 0.12 ac-ft of water to treat.
  • 0.12 x 0.6 = 0.072 gallons x 8 pts/gallon = 0.576 pts. or 1.15 cups or 9.2 oz. to spray the perimeter 10′ out.


Began at the supply pipe and went clockwise with the two gallons of mix. Only got about 3/4’s around; i.e. about to the north magnolia. Mixed another gallon with 4 oz. of the algaecide and sprayed the remaining 1/4 of the way to the discharge pipe. That area had the densest infestation and the furthest out into the pond. Spray depth in many places was 18-24 inches.

5/3/2021 – The application killed the surface growth but did not seem to impact that growing below. Most of the application was on the heavy surface mat so the concentration that drifted down to that below the surface was not adequate.

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