Ted Sprayed the North Fields


5/8/2021 – Ted sprayed the Creek Field (7.5 ac) and the North Pasture (21 ac) with his new 110-gallon sprayer with the single high spray head. He sprayed GrazonNext, PastureGard, and a surfactant. The PastureGard was included to get the knockdown of the Tallow Trees coming up in many places.

The Small Field (aka Creek Field) received a higher concentration as did an area in the North Field. The higher concentration mix in 100 gallons was 10.5 pints of GrazonNext and 87 oz. of PastureGard. That did not go far enough so he reduced the concentrations by 30%.


North Field21 acres
Small Field7.5 acres
Volume Sprayed500 gallons
GrazonNext HL sprayed2 gal
PastureGard HL sprayed2 gal
Average Total G+P per acre1.1 pints/ac
Preference (Surfactant) sprayed1 qt. per 100-gallon tank

5/9/2021 – Drove through both fields on the Gator and took photos of the wilting tallow trees and weeds.

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