Spring seeding in Mary’s Veggie Garden


We had pulled the brussel sprouts–that never produced–and the broccoli plants that produced great as well as some of the multiplying onions that bolted. Those areas were then “tilled” deep with the TroyBuilt Cultivator.

3/21/2019 – Rows were made with the garden rake and Mary planted some of the seed bought from SESE for the big garden and other seeds from Burpees and St. Elmo Feed and Seed.

Lettuce in east row, then carrots then cilantro in west row. Radishes in the north end.
  • Cherry Belle Radish – In the northeast corner
  • Chantenay Red Core Carrots, Heirloom; Introduced from France late 1800s — In the center row as they take a long time to produce
  • Burpees Cilantro – In the west row that she is planting in the photo above.
  • Buttercrunch Lettuce — in the eastmost row

3/24/2019 – The radishes is beginning to poke through.

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