Sprayed Sicklepod in the Old Garden


7/2/2019 – Many sicklepod plants have come up in the dirt area where the hay string was pulled out and Bahia grass seed spread. Sprayed them with 2,4-D as well as the Fireweed/HeartLeaf Nettle that is also coming up. [7/8/2019 – No sign of an impact on the nettle. Linked IFAS article says 2,4-D is not effective on this nettle.]

Also sprayed the Bull Thistle and some of the mounds of briars to see what 2,4-D will do to them. [7/8/2019 – the thistle has wilted but no impact to the briars.]

7/4/2019 – Sprayed the sicklepod that was missed and is not wilted. Also sprayed the low green nettle that is coming up in many places. The bull thistle is wilting.

7/8/2019 – Still found a few sicklepods that were not sprayed…but they are now.

7/9/2019 – Identified the other weeds as Pigweed (Green Amaranth) and Mulberry Weed (Hairy Crabweed) Selectively sprayed them with glyphosate and the small ones only a light shot to avoid the grass as much as possible.

Misc Info:

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