Sprayed Ortho SedgeKiller around Trees in Fruit Grove


2/22/2020 – This is our first time to try the SedgeKiller with Sulfentrazone  0.05%. Just before this application I spraying the yard with Weed Free Zone but did not spray near the fruit trees.

Used all of a 24 oz. ready to spray Ortho SedgeKiller bottle on the sedge and other weeds in the mulched areas of the citrus and fruit trees. Also sprayed around the edges of the new daylily bed where yellow sedge had gotten big. The sprayed weeds beyond the mulch was less than one foot out from the mulch, So, there should be an irregular band of weeds between where the pull-behind sprayed passed with the pump off and the SedgeKiller.

The sedge had been mowed or line-trimmed 3 days ago and today had 1″-2″ of new growth.

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