Sprayed Lawn for Florida Betony and Spider Wort


10/1/2021 – As the weather has begun to cool off, the Florida Betony missed in the spring spraying is coming back. Spider Wort continues to pop up and some had been spot sprayed with WFZ. This plan used info from April 19th’s spraying plan but used the Gator to carry the sprayer rather than pulling it with the JD Mower. The next afternoon Mary cut the grass so it had 24 hours to work on the weeds. That minimum delay to mow time plus the weak solution (see Note below in item 4) killed the target weeds.

Areas to be sprayed and the plan

  1. The label’s application range of WFZ is 0.75-1.5 oz./1000 SF.
  2. For this treatment, we will apply 1.25 oz. per 1000 SF by adding that much to each to 3/8ths of a gallon of water in the tank.
  3. Areas to be sprayed:
    1. The front yard east of driveway + east side yard to fat-pine pile = 15,500 + 3,000 + 5,000 SF = 23,500 SF. Avoid the root zone of the Frescati.
    2. Backyard – less that 4,000 SF
    3. Area between greenhouse and azaleas – 1,500 SF
    4. Total = 29,000 SF
    1. Before spraying the yard, sprayed two areas of FB in the SW and SE area of the orchard. Say that is 2000 SF.
  4. 29,000 SF will take 29 x 0.375 [3/8] gallons = 10.9 gallons of mix. With no contingency we would filled the tank with 10.9 gallons of water and add 10.9 x 1.25 oz = 13.6 oz. of WFZ not counting the area in the orchard or a contingency.
  5. Those amounts add:
    1. For an approximate 10% contingency increase the water quantity by one gallon of water and 1.25 oz of WFZ.
    2. For the orchard area assumed to be 2,000 SF, add another one gallon of water + 1.25 oz. WFZ.
  6. The quantity prepared was only 11 gallons of water with 15 oz of WFZ as that is all the WFZ we had on hand. Given the speed of the Gator was maybe a little fast the reduced volume covered the planned areas plus:
    1. two passes immediately north of the big deck
    2. around the citrus grove
    3. a loop along the rail fence at the road and pond field.
  7. The spray swath is about 6 feet and that is about the width of the Gator to the outside of the tires. So, drove the Gator along the previous track so the new tire depression was less than a foot from the previous track.

[NOTE on 10/10/2021 – This calculation is the higher labeled rate of 1.25 oz/KSF for WFZ but incorrectly mixed 1.25 oz into a gallon and a gallon covers about 3000 SF in our little pull behind sprayer. So, the good news is that the very “weak” solution was enough to kill the target weeds. Computing the actual oz/KSF applied is as follows: 1.25 oz per gallon was sprayed over 1gal/0.375 gal/KSF = 2.67 KSF. Therefore, 1.25 oz / 2.67 KSF = 0.46 oz/KSF]

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