Sprayed Crossbow on Fence & Part of North Field


7/25/2021 – Sprayed Crossbow on the brush in the fence rows along the lane to the north fields and the west fence of those two fields. Mixed it in the pull-behind 13-gallon sprayer per the following from the label.

From the Label:
Easy to Control Species
1.5 gallons per acre broadcast application or 1 to 1.5% mixtures
for high volume foliar applications. Includes Blackberry.

1% for a 5-gallon batch add 6-2/3 fl. oz.
1.5% for 5-gallon batch add 10 fl. oz.

Mixed 13 oz. in 10 gallons with 5 oz. of Non-ionic Surfactant (NIS).

Sprayed the fence row from the SW corner of the Creek Field (at the north end of the lane) to the north fence. Sprayed all scrub brush, small tallow trees, and tallow trunks up to about 6″ caliper. On the northmost section that runs due north there are a lot of 2″-3″ youpon trees and all trunks were sprayed to drip for 2-3 feet on all but the peanut side.

Had a gallon or more left and sprayed all tallow trees in the field, that Ted’s spraying did not kill, from the fence to the top of the high point in the field and south to the springs.

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