Spot Sprayed WFZ on Lawn & Orchard

Orchard Yard

10/26/2021 – The last spraying of WFZ worked well except for the missed spots. This spraying covered those locations. Note in that post the error found when working up the numbers below. That application was some less than the minimum per the label but it worked well to kill the Florida Betony and Spider Wort as well as a lot of other weeds.

This calculation is different than prior ones as I am assuming how much mix is needed rather than knowing the square footage that will be sprayed.

  1. Guessing 4 gallons of spray will be enough mixed at the 0.75 oz per 1000 SF. [Chose the low end of the range that will still be a little more than the level sprayed on 10/1/2021 and last spring.]
  2. 4 gallons at the tow-sprayer’s discharge of 3/8 gallon sprayed per 1000 SF will spray 10.67 KSF i.e. 4/.375.
  3. 0.75 oz/ksf x 10.67 ksf = 8 oz WFZ to mix into 4 gallons
  4. If mixed at 0.46 oz/KSF as sprayed on 10/1/21 then the mix would only be 4.9 oz WFZ in 4 gallons plus surfactant.
  5. Conclusion – Mix 5 oz of WFZ in 4 gallons of water plus 4 oz of non-ionic surfactant.

Like the last spraying, this will be done with the sprayer in the back of the Gator.

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