Sowed Squash, Cantaloupes, Cucumbers, & Tomatoes After Laying Drip Line


3/21 & 22/2021 – In the north half we installed four rows of drip line in the second to fourth rows from the fence. Just before sowing the seeds we turned the system on for about 10 minutes to make wet spots every 12″ and sowed seeds in every other spot after loosening the soil with the garden rake. Two seeds were placed about 6″ apart, pushed into the soil about ½-1″, soil pulled over the hole and firmed up over the seeds with her fingers.

Grandma planting tomato seedlings

In the second row from the fence we sowed from south to north:

  • 18′ of Delta Squash adjacent to the center turn row;
  • 30′ of Pascola Zucchini next to the Delta Squash; and
  • the remainder of the row has Golden Bush Scallop Squash.

NOTE ADDED APRIL 2 – The zucchini did not germinate as the soil was too cold; in the high 40s a few nights and often in the 50s in the early morning. We will resow them when it is regularly in the high 60’s, preferably about 70°.

In the third row from the fence we sowed:

  • 18′ of Tromboncino Squash
  • 18′ of Hales Best Cantaloupes
  • 3/22/2021 – The remainder of the row (north end) was sowed the next day with Poinsett and Wisconsin SMR-58 Cucumbers. This was the first time to plant the SMR-58s that I got by mistake thinking I had picked up a second packet of Poinsett. That variety is well liked and has been successful for many; so we will try it.

In the fourth and fifth row we planted seedlings Mary grew from seeds in the new greenhouse. About 2 hours before they were planted she watered & fed them with ½ teaspoon of Miracle Grow per gallon as she had done about 2 weeks ago. A 3″-6″ hole was made with the post hole diggers at every other drip/wet spot. We pinched off the lower leaves and planted the seedlings deep. The seedlings were:

  • 14 Better Boy tomato seedlings
  • 17 Celebrity seedlings
  • 6 Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato seedlings in the fourth row, north end.

As each row was finished we moved the drip line over the seeds and beside the seedlings. Once it was all done we turned in back on for 2 hours to soak the rows.

3/27/2021 – There are at least several seeds of all the types sowed above that are pushing through this morning. That is only 5 days. The tomatoes have noticeably grown despite the heavy rains during the days immediately following transplanting them. Low soil temps have been in the 60° range since 3/24. Dropped to 56° on 3/29.

4/1/2021 – Everything is coming up at least 75% other than the zuchinni that is a no show.

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