Sowed sprouted G-90 corn seeds in the gaps


4/5/2021 – As there are many 2-4′ gaps in the corn rows, we loosened the soil with the 4-tine hoe and planted seeds that have very small white roots. They were soaked for about 20 hours then drained and have been germinating in a quart jar for 3 days.

Clearly, my custom plate for the seeder that was to sow them at 9″ apart missed some significant places. In addition, where some did not germinate there are also a lot of single spaces. It would have been easier to thin them than this effort today.

Next year, or this fall, use the 4-hole plate and enlarge the holes so the rough seeds fit.

While I was loosening the soil, Mary thinned the ones that came up too close.

4/10/2021 – Many of the sprouted seeds have come up. Note there has been 4.87″ of rain since sowing them.

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