Sowed Saved Marigold Seeds


3/16/2021 – Mary and Piper sowed marigold seeds saved from last year’s garden. They were sowed in 3′ (N-S) x 5″ (E-W) plots in the west most area of the north half. Based on Tom’s advice the seeds were scattered over the soft soil. Then wiped in for minimum coverage of the very thin seeds and patted down. [That was wrong. See below.]

This sowing only used about a third of the space. The order of the 5 varieties of French Marigold from south to north was:

  • Spanish Brocade
  • Naughty Marritta
  • Crackerjack Mix
  • Yellow (Tall)
  • Lemon Drop


The seeds should have been sowed much deeper and not only lightly brushed into the soil then patted down. Maybe 30% of the Cracker Jack Mix came up and a few Naughty Marrittas. Nothing else germinated on top of the soil.

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