Sowed Marigolds & Sunflowers in Pond Yard


4/23/2021 – A few Beach Sunflowers and Marigolds came up from seeds dropped last year in the two Crepe Myrtle Beds and the corner bed where we planted the climbing pink roses. One of the roses is growing well and several others are alive but still very small with no vines. The corner bed is where we yesterday planted an azalea taken from the backyard row.

Leveled the dirt from hand tilling yesterday and used the hoe to cut in a 1″ deep drill about 12″ from the grass line. Mary sprinkled Naughty Marietta French Marigold seeds and Lemon Drop seeds harvested yesterday. In the corner of the Azalea/Rose bed she sowed Beach Sunflower seeds in an arc behind the azalea and in front of the roses/rail fence.

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