Sowed Garden’s South Half and rows in North With Elbon Rye


10/3/2021 – Sowed Elbon Rye in the south half of the garden as a cover crop as was done last year in the north half.

The area is 1/6th acre including the turn rows. So, to sow at 100 lbs/ac. sowed 100/6 = 17 lbs.

The process:

  1. Used the 6 ft, drag harrow to level up the area that had been disced yesterday after spraying the crab grass 2 days ago with glyphosate.
  2. Spread roughly 17 lbs. using the old cyclone seeder. Went around spiralling then diagonally
  3. Went over the area again with the drag harrow upside down to give the seed some cover. The doil was still damp and filled up the harrow but it smoothed the soil out ok.

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