Sowed EJW Cabbage & Leef Beet Chard


10/5/2020 – Used the hiller to build rows 5A & 5B where the pumpkins had been. The soil had been thoroughly disked so raced up an pulled up the rows….again forgetting to put the fertilizer down before hilling. Will have to fertilize differently and let it be an experiment. See below for how it was spread below the seed.

Both the cabbage and chard were intended to be pre-soaked in warm water for 6 hours. Decided to sow them the next morning so they soaked until 9 AM, 10/6/2020; i.e. ~15 hours.

Sowed Kestrel Beets in the north half and Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage in the south half of Row 5A. Sowed Leef Beet Chard in the north half of Row 5B.

Different Fertilize Application

Using the hoe with one corner down, made a 4″-6″ deep V in the center of the hill. Dropped in 8-8-8 with light amount of Borax and using the garden rake pull the soil over the V.

Dropped in the wet seed (should have let them dry a few hours) using the PVC seed chute that cut a 1/2″ slot as it was drug along. Used the garden rake to cover them and the Chapin planters wide back packing wheel to firm the soil around the seeds.

Watered them in lightly hoping to not create a crust.

Ambient temp today is in the mid 70’s and cloudy. That should be good.

10/7/2020 – Today is hotter than predicted–92° plus. About noon watered both half-rows with cold well water. At 1:00 PM the soil temp is 92° and surely rising. As an experiment, covered the north half of the half row of Leef Beet Chard in Row 5B with saved white feed sacks. Anchored them with a hoe-scoop of soil on each corner.

10/20/2020 – A few LB Chard has come up 15 days since sowing. The EJW Cabbage is coming up in spots but there are a lot of wide gaps.

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