Sowed Colter Beans


8/25/2021, 4 pm – Sowed Colter beans in:

  1. the shorten half row next to the full row of okra on the east edge of the north half. This morning the row was watered well so it would be moist for the seeds. This is the same row that has about 8 feet of cucumber seedlings. No fertilizer was spread before the hill was pulled up.
  2. the north end of the row with the Red Burgundy and Jumbalyay Okra. The row had 8-8-8 spread before the hill was pulled up.

The row at the Red Burgandy Okra was well watered about 10 AM so the seeds were placed in damp soil rather than the dry dirt that exists due to no recent rain. The row at the full row of okra was watered yesterday and is still damp.

Rains are passing by us and maybe one will hit us.

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