Slow-Release Fertilizer On The Flower Beds—2nd time


7/29/2022 – Spread Slow Release granules on the beds as before.

What we did before.

On March 29, 2022, we spread Greenpoint PRO 13-6-6 / 58% Slow Release Premium Fertilizer with Agrocote on the beds. It includes magnesium 3%, sulfur 9%, boron 0.12%, zinc 0.06%, and, iron 5%. All plants have done as well as any past year—where we used a drench—and most look and bloomed better. The amount spread per square foot in March was based on the circular Lady Daylily bed at 75 SF where we spread a little more than a quart evenly over the area.

This afternoon

This afternoon took a quart of fertilizer and threw it on the Lady Bed. Then, repeated that density of granules on all the beds in the yard not including the azaleas, blueberries, and the big camellia at the back patio. The small camellias and hydrangeas in the beds with the daylilies got some with the daylilies.

Note that today we also threw 33-0-0 on the Crepes that are interspersed in the daylilies and bridal wreaths in some beds.

The only bed that was not fed was the “nursery” around the Martin House pole on the east side of the pond. Yesterday we recognized that jap grass (Cogon Grass) is taking over that bed. We plan to move out the daylilies and spray the jap grass with Gly for a year or so. It arrived there via the birds sitting on the martin house pole and arm and popping seeds in our very productive bed.

Note that we have had rain about 5 days per week since the June drought ended. Today we did not but surely will get rain tomorrow or the next day.

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