Harvesting, Sidedressing, Planting, and Transplanting


5/20/2019 – We started this morning about 7 AM and worked until 9:30 in the garden and accomplished the following:

  • Enjoyed the first-ever squash and zucchini harvest of 2 large zucchini and four 6″ long yellow squash. In the photo below are three zucchini as I picked one yesterday.
  • Thinned the cantaloupes to two plants per hill and transplanted the ones removed into the empty adjacent row 14.
  • Thinned the cucumbers to one plant every 18″-24″ and transplanted the ones removed into the empty adjacent row. They were too big to transplant but maybe they will make. Mary watered them in within an hour. Mary also dribbled in 34-0-0 + lime in between the plants where the ground was just worked in both rows. She then raked it in.
    • NOTE – The fertilizer mix was about 2.5 gallons of 34-0-0 and about a quart of lime.
  • In the north end of row 14 with the transplanted cantaloupes, I planted Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans for the value of shading out weeds. Maybe we will get some beans off them.
  • Side dressed the oldest corn, that is at the V5 stage, with 34-0-0 + lime. The groove cut in with the hoe was on the west side of the row; i.e. opposite from the first side dressing.

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