Sidedressed corn, sprayed peppers & tomatoes, and plowed limas


I realized I had not applied the second side dressing to the 2nd and 3rd planting of corn. The second planting is tasseled and some have early silk. The third planting has a few tassels.

Side dressed with 34-0-0 plus about 20% lime. Also, side dressed the Silver King Corn only a little late as it is about 2-3 feet tall.

The 4th planting of Silver King that blew over to 60-degrees or so, and we stood up and a week later blew over to about 30-degrees, is standing up. It stood up on its own from the second event.

Yesterday I found a cabbage looper in another tomato and there are some new holes in some leaves. Sprayed all the tomatoes with new Sevin.

Today noted the bell peppers have more holes in the leaves and found cabbage loopers under several. Also sprayed them all over with the new Sevin. Mary had cut off the lower leaves from the bell peppers before I sprayed them.

She found on the same yellow squash plant more small yellow squash with fruit rot. She removed more of the leaves from that plant and the adjacent zucchini whose leaves are entangled.

Used Fergie and the cultivator to plow the lima beans in the southwest quadrant; Rows 10-15.

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