September 2015 Labor Day work week


Sunday, 9/6/2015

Mary and Fregie mowing
Mary and Fregie mowing
  • Mowed the yard but the JD’s steering is starting to slip again.  Found there is a very worn tooth on the main gear that engages the small gear at the end of the steering shaft. Ordered new parts.


  • Picked up limbs.
  • Finished weeding new beds across front of the house.
  • Trimmed grass from new front fence and bank of the ditch.

Tuesday – A great day when a major long-sought goal was reached.

  • Installed battery and a quick squirt of starting fluid and the Ford 5600 fired immediately and ran great. Drove it around the barnyard and that was likely the first time it moved in ~15 years. An hour later it started without starting fluid. Mary and I took off the mower cylinder and installed it on the disk. One of the disk tires held air and the other did not. The one that did not has the valve stem hole rusted out. Need a new rim and tire. The mower cylinder is the right length and power for the disk.  Put the disk in the north most stall and got the box blade hooked up and put it beside the disk.
    Fat Pine pile half moved
  • Frank helped again move fat pine logs and pieces from Dad’s big pile to the north end, east side of the barn. Two loads with the F250SD and we were hot and ready to quit.
  • Met Bob Caron with Lipford Construction to look at the farm house and proposed studio.


New stack of fat pine logs.
New stack of fat pine logs-and a few cross ties
  • Frank helped again move fat pine logs and pieces from Dad’s big pile to the north end, east side of the barn.

While there spraying Eraser in the fence rows Mary saw a longhorn cow break a post in the fence along the ditch. The cow was pushing through to get the green grass growing in the wet ditch. Four of the posts were broken. Frank had T posts and a driver so we added posts.

Mary raked behind the barn to clean up the area.


  • Installed programmable thermostat.
  • Planted wisteria at the post in the barnyard.
  • Fertilized all plants with 10-10-10 using up partial bags; then 13-13-13. Added cottonseed meal to everything. One small coffee plastic container per bridal wreath. Two for each crepe myrtle and four for the large blueberries.
  • Took to landfill old wood, scrap iron and rusted out gate parts from the area north of the garden
Barn with disk now inside and tractors moved.
Barn with disk now inside and tractors moved.


  • Carried more fat pine to the new pile
  • Planted ferns and pink flowering plant at Pecan at the carport
  • Drizzled and rained all morning
  • Ford’s battery had discharged due to a short or that the key was not fully turned to off. Recharged all day and when tried it to see if it would turn over it cranked immediately, without the ether.
  • Rode with Peg and Frank in their new truck to R&R Seafood for dinner with Becky/Randy, Mandy/Tommy/TS.
    Tom on Ford with Box Blade working


  • Leveled former wood pile area with box blade.
  • Started Ford, and flush radiator and add new antifreeze.
  • Tied barb wire to new T Posts in the lane
  • Measured box blade to order rippers
  • Moved grain augers to the north end of barn.
  • Mary mowed areas where disk and augers had been
  • Used box blade to remove stumps.
Disk, augers and box blade's relocated
Disk, augers and box blade relocated
Pano house yard from street_crop
Backyard field pano at sunrise
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