Sept. 2nd-The Lexus and TS Gordon

Homestead Maintenance Weather

This week had three major purposes: to haul the Lexus from Houston; to see the gutters installed just before the patios were installed; start the patios completing the one outside the kitchen.

Sunday – Arrived and unloaded putting the car in the carport for the first time.

Monday – Returned the UHaul Car Transport and when we returned to the house the Emergency Alert on the phone was sounding. They were alerting us to TS Gorden that had formed during the night in the Florida Everglades. Landfall is projected to be the AL/MS coast tomorrow evening. Bought tractor boom at TSC and removed the bell–that has sat on the carport half-wall for years–and its post.

Tuesday – A good day weatherwise while Gordon came across the Gulf headed for us.

Truck on one end & Fergie chained to the back for Gordon

Tim of the Gutter Guys arrived at 6 AM as promised and installed the gutters. Worked in the yard. By late afternoon there were strong breezes while overall a nice day weatherwise. By sundown, the wind was gusting and the clouds blowing by quickly.

11 PM the wind was blowing very hard and by 1 AM Wednesday, the pecan trees were thrashing about and the wind was howling around the house. The sounds were muffled due to the new windows and doors but still unnerving. The wind was reported to be in the 70 MPH range.

Wednesday – After Gordon blew through last night it seems almost eerie still with limbs down everywhere and no power since the middle of the night. Mary boiled water and poured over the grounds in the coffee maker. Set up the TT to use the bathroom and stove. A big pecan limb fell between the blueberry bushes. Piled it and pulled it with Fergie to the burn pile. Hot, muggy and miserable day with no power or water. Ran the generator to keep the refrigerator on the carport cold and the TT battery charged. About 5 PM the power came back on and life was a lot better with AC and running water.


Drug three large piles of pecan limbs to the burn area and three truckloads of small limbs. Cut the larger limbs into firewood. Robbie installed blinds and shutters. Edged driveway, front walk and around the long bed and purple crepes with McLane and a new blade.


Finished cleaning up the driveway from edging. Disconnected the pole light at the side door in prep for the patios to start on 9/17/18.

Dug up the apparent drain into an assume cleanout outside the MBR BR. Did not find anything. Filled the two holes. See photos.

Picked up the remaining limbs in the orchard. Hauled maybe 1/4 cord of firewood out with some logs being 8″+ diameter. One large truckload of the small stuff and two large drags with Fergie. Totally removed from yard and orchard were 4 truck loads and five large drags. Done by noon. VERY hot due to the high humidity.

After limbs from Gordon removed

PM – Fertilized the roses with Miracle Row. Mary cut the grass other than the barnyard. Put away stuff in preparation for leaving for the last time for Houston.

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