Seeds to buy locally

  • Beans, Kentucky Wonder Bush
    • At 800 seeds/100′ row for four 60′ rows (240′ total) we will need about 2,000 seeds. At 100 seeds per ounce, we need to buy 20 oz. or 1.5 lbs.
  • Cucumber, Poinsett 76
  • Tendergreen Mustard
  • Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers F1 Seedlings
  • Hale’s Best 45 cantaloupes
  • Mississippi Silver
    • Also known as ‘Mississippi Silverskin’, ‘Mississippi Silver Crowder’, ‘Mississippi Silverhull’ and similar to ‘Newton Silverskin’. The plants are bush-type setting six to seven inch long pods
  • PEPH Top Pick

Buy inoculant for the peas.

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