Roses Dropping Yellow Leaves & Treatment


8/9/2021 – For the past several weeks we have noticed the Knockout roses along the front of the house and the climbing pink roses at the gate losing leaves that had turned yellow. Potential causes based on advice at other websites are:

  • The lower leaves of the Knockouts have dropped. That could be that they are not getting enough sunlight as the higher leaves are dense.
  • The climbing pink roses at the gate are likely due to a nutrient definiency. They have a lot of new shoots with light green new leaves.
  • A common issue could be the very wet conditions due to rain the past three months. The heavy rains would have washed out nutrients.
  • Although this is August, the daytime temps have been in the mid-90’s so high temps should not be an issue.

The Plan

Today – Sprayed them with Mancozeb.

8/10/2021 – Feed them The Concoction and spray with Epsom Salts mixed at 3 tbsp per gallon based on the Knockouts being 3-4 feet tall.

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