Resowed Freeze-Damaged Seedlings & White Scallop Squash


4/7/2021 – We sowed White Scalloped Squash in the south end of the row east of the tomatoes. About 20′ at about 24 in. apart.

We resowed some of the frost damaged areas that do not look like they will make it in the rows as follows.

  • Pascola Zucchini – None made it likely due to the soil being too cold. They had not sprouted.
  • Delta Squash had two gaps so put in two seeds about 6″ apart in each gap. Did not have a frost blanket over them.
  • Golden Bush Scallop Squash – Resowed about half. By 5 AM that morning and before the ice formed, they had a frost blanket over them.
  • Poinsett 76 Cucumbers – Most of the seedlings have a lot of freeze damage and have not put on permanent leaves. Mary put new seeds in between most of the injured seedlings. By 5 AM that morning and before the ice formed, both had a frost blanket over them.

Seedlings that were not badly damaged and have permanent leaves appearing.

  • The Tromboncino Squash had little damage and that was good as we did not have any leftover seeds. Most of the row did get covered with a frost blanket.
  • The Wisconsin SMR 58 Cucumbers did not have nearly the degree of damage as the Poinsett. Both were covered first that morning with a frost blanket.
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