Pine Arbor

Per Pam Hughes – 7/31/17

  1. Yard – “Throw” some grass out there even if it is just prior to listing.
  2. Replace carpet throughout. Low pile decent padding.
  3. Think about having the house inspected prior to listing. Pam says the inspectors are brutal these days.
  4. Upstairs
    1. Paint the upstairs bathroom where the green wallpaper is.
    2. The faucets are OK. Just replace the chrome parts as needed in the other upstairs bath. The handles need to be replaced. Both bath items are home depot items.
    3. Maybe replace the faucets in my office space to match the ones in the other bedroom.
  5. Tile the master bath.
  6. Bar
    1. Replace dark counter tops in bar.
    2. Change out wire cabinet doors with glass to match what we have done in the breakfast room.
  7. Kitchen
    1. Figure out something for the trash compactor space.
    2. Remove the butcher block before showing as it makes the space seem smaller.
    3. Raise light above butcher block to see how it looks with block gone for showing. Likely need to replace.
  8. paint the garage.
  9. I think one of the inspection items will probably be the outlets near the faucets. I think we already bought those.
  10. The chandelier shows nice so leave it in lieu of putting a less expensive one there.

Right now she would list for $249,000

Leave some furniture for showing purposes.