Re-sowed PEPH & KWB


4/4/2020 – The Pinkeye Purple Hull seed Mary, Piper, and Olivia sowed on 3/17/20 only had scattered germination. On 4/3, I re-hilled the rows to fluff them up and hopefully break up the sod lumps left from the Elbon Rye cover crop. The soil still looked lumpy so ran through it with the Troyblt cultivator.

Sowed Mississippi PEPH seed bought at Hurley F&F using the brand new HOSS seeder with plate 5.

The Kentucky Wonder Bush (KWB) beans I sowed, also on 4/3/20, in four rows in the south half, with the red plastic junk seeder, only came up in the adjacent one halves of two rows. Little to no germination outside that area.

Today, tilled the rows and parts of the row with no plants, using the Troyblt cultivator. Raked them level and sowed left over seed with the new HOSS seeder and plate 6. Some of the leftover seed was from G&D and some from Hurley F&F.

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