Pumpkins Failed due to RKNs


9/23/2020 – The Blue and Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins grew great vines and beautiful leaves with lots of blooms. Then the leaves and vines started turning yellow. Leaves fell off. Sprayed them several times with Spinosad and Bug-No-More (Zeta-Cypermethrin sp?) to try and stop squash vine borers getting to the others.

When all of them were damaged, pulled them up to haul away. Found:

  • the Jack-O-Lanterns had extensive root-know nematode nodules on the roots.
  • the Blues had some and that is why they were turning yellow slower.
  • the white scallop squash on the south end of that row was looking similar and the ones closest to the JOLs were wasted. Pulled them but very little if any RKN nodules. Those were on the north end and got the worse of the wind from Hurricane Sally last week…maybe,

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