Pulled Tomatoes and Hauled to Burn Pile


7/12/2021 – The tomatoes had a few green ones but in the past weeks only a couple would survive the bugs and excess rain to mature. In fairness to the Super Sweet Cherry tomatoes, they had a lot of green ones that could have been harvested if one wanted to spend the time every day picking the ones that did not split. We still have about 6 vines in Mary’s Garden that will be plenty for salads.

The weeds were bad between and under the vines—that are 4-6′ wide—and they need to be stopped from going to seed. So, the crabgrass and dallisgrass were also pulled up and everything was hauled to the burn pile to remove as many diseases as possible.

Saw very few Root-Knot Nematode nodules on the roots.

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