Pruned azaleas and camellia – Mistake!


5/12/2020 – We pruned the row of azaleas between the barnyard and backyard and the camellia next to the house in front of the master closet window. Removed only 6″-9″ from top and sides to even them up and so Mary can see over them. Good leaf coverage remained.

3/25/2021 – The above azaleas that were pruned last year have very few blooms although the one bush that was not pruned south of the blueberries is loaded. Azaleas everywhere in the area are spectacular … but not this row. Apparently, this pruning in Mary 2020 removed the buds that should be blooming now in March 2021 based on this article

The camellia also had few blooms and the ones it did have were inside the leaf canopy

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