Progress around the Barn

Equipment Maintenance

As the augers were hauled away and that area cleaned up we could finally rearrange equipment, get rid of stuff and create more order. On this Halloween day, we made a lot of progress.

  1. Used Fergie and the boom to move the platform Frank built for Dad (for the back door wheelchair ramp) from the barn to the grain bin door to serve as a “porch”;
  2. Rotated the old rusty bush hog away from the tree so it can be hooked up and moved;
  3. Pulled the old rotten pole lying behind the barn to the burn pile and the other pole to next to the fence near the burn pile to be used as a corner post;
  4. Unhooked my box blade from the Ford where the poles had been;
  5. With the Ford:
    1. moved the 8-foot mower from Bay 2 to the north-most pile of fat pine along the east side of the northmost stall (Bay 4) of the barn;
    2. Moved the old rusty bush hog to line up with the 8-foot mower along the northeast side of the barn;
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