Prepared Squash, Cantaloupe, Pepper, Tomato, & Onion Rows


3/8/2021 – Laid out the various wide row locations in the north half by tying red survey ribbon along the north and south fences measuring from the east fence.

Then drove Fergie between the pairs of ribbons so the tire marks located either side of the rows.

Then spread 3/4 quart—i.e. 3 pints—of 13-13-13 in the center of the tire tracks. Added a scant tablespoon of Borax to the 3/4 quart for each of the two tomato rows. The fertilizer plan and development are here.

Then pulled hills with Frank’s hiller to cover the fertilizer and create a low hill.

Had a lot of clodding on the sides of the hill where the drag did not touch. Soil must still be a bit damp. Rake it out that also shaped the hill better as the drag does not drag level.

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