Pond Wildlife: Baby Ducks, Little Blue Herons, and baby Kildare

Pond Wild Plants & Animals

7/24/2021 – Early this morning was a great day for our pond wildlife adventure. [Click images to see larger views]

When we went out to feed the fish the two Whistling Ducks were walking up after coming under the rail fence. One seemed to be pulling something. Whatever it was, was moving on its own.  We had Mom & Dad Whistling ducks with their babies that waddled down to the pond and swam across.

Soon they were joined by a male and female Little Blue Herons, 

The Heron’s fished the shoreline walking past the Duck Family. Behind them is where the Kildare Babies scurried about.
The male Duck chased off the male Heron when he walked by.

Mary then noticed the screaming Kildare flying over the pond and peanuts. They were looking after their babies who were scurrying around on the edge of the peanuts.

On top of all that, the fish were jumping for bugs and, of course, the snapping turtles lurked about. 

9/7/2021 – A group of Black-Bellied Whistling ducks was on the north side of the pond. Two looked larger than the others and the others were almost identical in size. We believe the little ones did survive the hawks and snakes, and the parents are still teaching them about life.

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