Planted wildflower plot at old barn site and the peach and pear tree

Homestead Plants/Trees

2/25/2019 – Disked the plot again with the improved drag that still left grooves at the back outside disks. Raked them out and leveled the area.

Planted the Florida King Peach and Pineapple Pear trees bought last week at Blair’s. Spread the wildflower seeds from American Meadows for Butterflies and Hummingbirds in the northeast corner to be visible from the kitchen window. Spread their Spring-Summer blend on the rest of the area. Did not mix in with dry sand but should have. The cyclone seeder did not work well as the larger seeds stuck in the small slot.

Watered it that afternoon. The next day put about a gallon of Root Stimulator on each tree. Did not need to water the next day as it rained lightly and then it rain a lot before daylight on the 27th.

The pear tree is near the driveway and peach nearest the field.
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