Planted Peppers & Brocolli, & Sowed Squash, Radishes, & Cabbage


9/13/2021 – We planted Mary’s pepper seedlings and sowed squash, radishes, and cabbage seed as follows.

  • The pepper seedings planted were:
    • Pepper Cayenne Long Slim – Scattered in gaps where other peppers burned out.
    • Early Jalapeno Organic in the south end of the summer pepper row where the Jalero peppers expired.
    • Everman F1 Jalapenos – In the north end of the row where the Charleston Bell’s failed.
    • Pimento Peppers – three in the gap where the Grand Marconi Peppers quit bearing and three in the north end of the pepper row where the Charleston Belle’s failed
  • Primavera Spaghetti Squash seed sowed in the gaps where the first plantings seeds germinated but likely the flea bettels kill them.
  • Cherry Belle Radished seed sowed – 10 feet of row immediately north of the multiplying onions next to and east of the Jambalaya and Red Burgundy Okra. The raised row was broken up with the 4-tine hoe, the seeds dropped in so they were 2-4″ apart in a 12″ wide swath, soil raked over them so they were maybe 1/4 inch deep then the soil firmed with the back of the hoe.
  • Cheers Cabbage seed sowed – 30 feet of the north end of the row immediately west of the Jambalaya and Red Burgundy Okra. Drew a ½ inch groove with the hoe handle, dropped in the seeds at 12 inches apart with the Funnel/PVC pipe drop tool into the groove; then Mary covered them and firmed the soil by hand so they are about ¼ inch deep.
  • Bonnie’s Green Magic Brocolli plants, purchased at Lowe’s, planted south of the Celebrity Tomatoes in about 12 feet of the row; i.e. 24 inches apart for 6 plants.

NOTE FOR HISTORICAL PURPOSES – The little black dog in the photo is Liberty (Libby) at 9½ weeks old. She was a lot of help to Grandma’s effort in planting the peppers.

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