Planted Onions and Fertilized Old Barn Plot


1/26/2019 – Mary planted the three varieties of onions that arrived yesterday from Dixondale Farms in their Short Day Sampler. The varieties were Texas 1015Y, Texas Early White, and Red Creole. There were too many for this location and so some will be planted in the back patio vegetable bed.

New onions on upper left of this image

Planted them 4″ apart per Dixondale’s directions with a fertilizer trench in the center of the wide row and put in 15-0-15 with 1% iron and 5% sulfur. After planting, dressed them and the rest of the plot with cottonseed meal.

As the three brussel sprout seedlings in the north most row are doing poorly, and we know the ground was not well prepared in our rush to plant them, we gently removed them, tilled the dirt about 8″ deep and replanted them.

The broccoli is beginning to form.
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