Planted more corn and peas


4/16/2019 – I disked again the area in the center of the garden where nothing was planted as the weeds were getting started. Leveled it nicely with the “gate drag” pulled separately from the disk and it worked a lot better.

Then, went over the original hills that had not been planted with the hiller running a little shallow and it cleaned them and reshaped them. Used the garden rake to level the tops of the hills and break up the clods.

Mary used a hoe to clean up the row after the cultivator and to remove weeds between the young plants and where there were gaps in the row. I went behind her with the garden rake and leveled the areas were she would plant seeds to fill in the gaps in the row.

I used the planter to plant:

  1. four more short rows of Pink-eye-purple hull peas next to the Kentucky Wonder Bush peas and then two rows of Red Mandy Cow Peas in the 9th and 10th rows from the east fence.
  2. five rows of G-90 corn in the central section.
  3. Cherokee White Eagle corn in the next two rows–the 6th and 7th rows.
  4. Bloody Butcher corn in the next two central rows–the 8th and 9th rows.

Mary planted peas in the gaps in the four rows of peas. The next morning we planted corn in the gaps in those rows.

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