Planted a Louisiana Sweets Hamlin Orange Tree

Plants/Trees Yard

11/18/2019 – Planted a Louisiana Sweets Hamlin orange in the citrus grove in the old barn site. Bought at Hurley Farm & Feed Store and grown by Star Nursery. See here for info.

It is next to and just south of the Blood Orange in the row next to the pond yard nearest to the former north-south fence between the yard and the field.

“Hamlin is the most widely grown early sweet orange in Florida and the tree among the most cold tolerant. Several selections are available. Its earliness makes much of its harvest possible before the onset of winter freezes in Florida. Because of its high yields, Hamlin is the most productive on the basis of pounds of solids per acre even though solids per box are lower than for Pinapple and Valencia. Its juice color score is also low, particularly on lemon-type rootstocks so the juice is blended with that of other varieties to meet color standards. The fruit of this variety will develop a good natural color break. Small fruit size can be a problem for the fresh fruit market, particularly during heavy crop years and when soil potassium levels are inadequate. The fruit is susceptible to splitting and creasing and will frequently drop heavily later in the season. There is apparently little significant effect on the following bloom and fruit set from holding fruit late on the tree.” From here.

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