Planted Bee & Butterfly Garden Collection


11/06/2019 – After having relocated the pannicle hydrangeas that did not do well in the narrow driveway bed as well two daylilies, Mary planted a bulb collection to attract bees and butterflies. The collection was bought from Michigan Bulb and the link to the collection is here.

The collection contains:

  • 5 Leucojum Aestivum, ‘Summer Snowflake’. upper left photo
  • 10 Eranthis hyemalis, ‘Winter Aconite’ or ‘Buttercup’. Yellow in upper center
  • 15 Scilla Siberica, ‘Siberian squill’. Center, second down
  • 25 Anemone ‘Blue Shades’. Upper right.
  • 15 Fritillaria meleagris, ‘Checkered Lily’. Lower left.
  • 20 Camassia quamash, ‘Camas Lily’. Center, third down
  • 5 Tulipa sylvestris, ‘Woodland Tulip’. Center bottom.
  • 25 Allium sphaerocephalon. ‘Drumstick Allium‘, lower right photo

The next morning dressed the bed with new pine bark mulch.

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