Ordered Fall Wildflower Seeds



Fall Maximum Wildflower Seed Mix – 1 pound $19.95

  • (8” – 72” tall) This year, our Fall Max Mix contains over 60 different varieties. This mixture includes wildflower species that will thrive in all regions of the US. 
  • In warmer climates: annuals will bloom in fall about 6-8 weeks after planting, while perennials grow their foliage and establish root systems and bloom in the second season. 
  • See our Fall Planting Instructions provide step-by-step planting instructions for fall.
  • 1 lb covers 1,000-2,000 sq ft.

All Perennial Wildflower Seed Mix – 1/2 Pound $17.06

  • Containing 19 hardy species, the All Perennial Wildflower Seed mix is a beautiful way to bring lasting color to any landscape in zones 1-8.
  • With 15 biennial and perennial wildflowers like Sweet William, Foxglove, Blue Flax and Blazing Star, this mix is designed to build blooms and increase color as the years pass.
  • Including 4 annual varieties to mark your planting area and provide color in the early years,
  • 1/2 lb covers 500-1,000 sq ft.

Potential Planting Locations

  • Ditch bank
    • up to fence from property line to property line – 600 LF (not including the driveways) x 8 ft = 4,800 SF
    • Up to fence from orchard driveway to pond field driveway is 300 LF (not including the house driveway) x 8 ft = 2,400 SF
  • Mary’s Springs – Assume plant all there so 3,000 SF possible. The overall length of the springs is about 700 LF.
    • 10 ft wide band x 300 LF
    • Steep slopes on west end – 7,000 SF


The South:  As long as you have had frost you can do a “dormant” planting of wildflower seed anytime. Whether your ground freezes or not, your seed will sprout and begin to grow as soon as your spring growing season begins. Extracted from here.

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