New Garden Fence Built


3/9/2019 – Paul Farill built the fence along the north and west side of the new garden space just east of the pecan orchard. The existing heavy “bull wire” fence, adjacent to the pecan trees, was removed and the posts and mesh used in the new fence. The garden is now part of the orchard.

A piece of an original roll of that wire was at the cattle chute and almost finished out the new fence. We removed about 35 feet of the heavy mesh from the lane fence behind the barn and that completed the new fence with the heavy wire.

The 6″x6″x8′ end posts were set to full depth–i.e. nothing was cut off the top–so they are in the ground about 3.5 feet. He poured in one sack of dry concrete mix into each one and then tamped dirt on top. The eye bolts for the diagonal cable are stainless steel. All other hardware is zinc coated.

The 10′ gate came from the southwest corner of the yard where we replaced the rotten post and installed a 6″x6″x8′ new post last week.

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