New Fence, Piper & Other Improvements – Nov. 2014

Equipment Maintenance

Installation of the 4-rail fence along the road, New FencePiper for her first visit to the farm, arrival of the artic vortex, and selling the combine made this week a memorable, very cold experience.

The cotton has been picked and large yellow round bales of cotton were staged along the ditch. Between the rows of stubble green sprouts of the grass was coming up to feed the yearlings.Cotton Bails

The “artic vortex” dipped down into the south and temperatures set record lows in some places. We burned a lot more of Dad’s firewood. Tuesday AM was reported to be 27.Heavy frost But two thermometers showed 34 degrees. The 17 mph wind one day made it really cold. The next day the first heavy frost arrived and the grass began turning brown.

Wednesday the 19th there was a lot going on with the gates being hung to complete the fence; Aron from Driscoll Cotton Farms replaced their culvert at the ditch; Aron had told David Ray Presley (also a Driskell employee) about my wanting to sell the combine and David Ray bought it. He got it to cranked and was happy as were we that it will soon be gone and not sticking out of the barn.

The Ford Tractor still would not crank and it was not getting fuel to the bleed valve. Either the rust in the tank or residual gunk has the plastic filter in the tank plugged or the filter is already clogged. Decided to buy a new fuel tank.

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