Mulched the Beds West of the Driveway


2/11/2021 – Spread 2 CY of crushed pine bark mulch on the daylily bed at the pond gate to the road and then the beds west of the driveway that were:

  • the rose & lily bed along the driveway at the patio
  • the amaryllis, lily, and rose bed under the kitchen window;
  • the small rose bed under the yard light, and
  • the rose and daylily beds across the front of the house.

So far, we have spread 3.5 CY of mulch and still have to mulch the beds along the rail fence on the east and south sides of the front yard.

2/12/2021 – Spread 3.5 CY on:

  • dressing up the backyard beds as they did not need much
  • from the southeast corner of the front yard crepe myrtle bed to the driveway.

The crepe myrtle bed has never had a heavy mulch layer and last year it only got old hay. With this 3+ CY it should do a lot better.

The only bed that did not get any mulch this time was the daylily bed along the rail fence along the pecan orchard. We had mulched it heavy not long ago and it is still there.

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