Mowed then disked the east and west sides of the garden


This was only in the north half. On the east side also took out the two rows of mustard and the row of beets. On the west side disked only the cereal Elbon Rye.

The Elbon Rye is still growing in the south half and Ranger enjoys it.

Before all the above we pulled up a mess of mustard and Mary pulled the pitiful beets. One had an almost 1″ diameter root. A few of the largest were maybe 8″ tall.

She also pulled out the daikon radishes that were hanging over into the area to be disked and others that were too crowded. Two large ones that were about a foot long were curved to the side about halfway down as they must have hit hard dirt.

All daikon’s and rogue mustard were scattered around the area being disked and disked in with everything else. When done there was not much green showing; i.e. it will decompose well.

Shortly after all the above it rained–as expected. The soil was already very moist so it will be a few days before it can be plowed.

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