More “Concoction” on Roses


4/17/2019 – Mary is calling the feeding dilution blend of fish emulsion, iron chelate, and Miracle Grow–this time it was with Super Bloom–Tom’s Concoction. The blend was 1 Tbs of each per gallon of water as we made the bulk blend put on the roses, daylilies, and other plants last week. This concoction came from this page.

As that was a light feeding for reasons explained in that post, we wanted to feed the roses more. Therefore, I mixed more in watering cans and put about 14 gallons on all the roses.

The roses are blooming more than we have ever seen and we are confident it is due to them being fed a lot since last fall.

After reviewing my calcs for the amount of Southern Ag Iron Chelate per gallon I realized I had put in more than they recommended. The recommended rate is 2 tsp/gallon and I had put in 2 Tbsp/gallon; i.e. 3 times stronger. No adverse effects appeared.

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