May, 2010-Memorial Day Weekend


On this Memorial Day weekend we got a lot done. The big thing for me was getting the pole on the barn and the roof joist re-attached before hurricane season. Yeah, it made it through some bad hurricanes so far but no need to continue to take that chance.

Ted had pushed up all the junk trees from behind the barn that he could get to and we burned the two piles. Cut grass and trimmed under fences with new Swisher line trimmer. Sprayed Roundup and Remedy on many places.

Re-arranged rooms in the house and took some of the old furniture to Goodwill. Set up outside play room (kennel) for the dogs.

Blue berries are beginning to ripen and the figs will be ripening soon. The roses we planted had really bloomed but had just fallen and so we saw a lot of dead blooms.

The Driskell’s drove up with two tremendous 16-row planters about 3PM and planted the entire north field with cotton before it got really dark. Was pleased to see they are keeping the tradition as to when things are done at Sundown Farms.

The list of what we accomplished is below.

Goodwill, 2 trips
Sofa, chair, 3 lamps, books, breathing machine, walker, potty chair, TV stand, pictures, frames, decorative items, exercise bike.

Re-attached roof beam to pole
Cleaned up small stumps where Ted pushed down brush around barn
Sprayed remedy and roundup in and around barn
Burned 2 piles of brush

Mowed-ted mowed high grass
Line trimmer used on fence row and jap grass at ditch
Weeded beds and mulched
Planted two roses at fence line
Spread insecticide around house
Bought and assembled dog kennel
Planted ferns and purple clover

Assembled microwave stand
Stopped den ceiling fan from making noise
Rearranged bedrooms-desk to Tom’s office-bed to guest room
Set up guest room
Re-arranged den furniture
New clock in kitchen
Fixed utility room door to latch

Planned on the drive home for the next trip:
Kill kudzoo
Hang fans- look up advice on hanging
Burn big pile
Call about dozer work
Get tractor fixed
Call tommy about painting
Arrange china cabinet
Remedy on the back fence line
Email bert about referal for scrapping combine
Send Mary an invoice
Move plywood and insulation from carport to grain bin
Move shelves from carport to grain bin
Look at pacesetter trailers
Tires to recycle
Fix electrical on work table in carport
Buy and install small vice on work table
Trip to dump to get rid of junk on slab
Go to cemetery


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