Limed the Pond Field



This plan is based on the January 11, 2021 soil test report here.

Parameters of the Ashville Pelletized lime to be spread:
  • Relative Neutralizing Value (RNV) – 92%
  • Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (ECCE) – 90%
The following formula is from Table 3 of Interpreting Soil Test Reports from Commercial Labs:

Adjusted lime recommendation (tons/acre) = Lime recommendation (tons/acres) x (assumed RNV%)/(Actual RNV%)

Lime application per soil test report
  • Overall – As the lime to be spread is higher quality (ground finer) than the minimum, the adjusted lime recommendation (tons/acre) = 4 T/ac x 63/92 = 2.7 T/ac. The 63% value comes from the article linked above that states the Auburn Soil Lab’s recommendation assumes the lime to be spread only meets the minimum RNV by state law of 63%.
  • Recommended 1st year (i.e. now) = 1.5 T/ac x 63/92 = 1.0 T/ac. At 40 lbs/bag, we would spread 50 bags of the Ashville Pelletized lime. If standard lime is spread we would spread 1.5 tons.
  • Recommended 2nd year (2022) = 1.0 T/ac x 63/92 = 0.7 T/ac.
  • Recommended 3rd year (2023) = 1.0 T/ac x 63/92 = 0.7 T/ac.
  • Recommended 4th year (2024) = 0.5 T/ac x 63/92 = 0.35 T/ac.

The Plan & What Happened

  1. To not max out the JD spreader range—that will lead to inaccuracies and gaps—we planned to set it at 7 to spread 25-26 lbs/1000 SF and that will require 25 bags at 40 lbs each. Those 25 bags are half of the total to be spread per the soil test report. After one full trip around the pond almost 4 bags were spread, we set it back to 6. Thankfully, we had bought 30 bags and all were spread to cover the area. That means that 6 was still putting out more material than planned. As the terrain was a bit rough the ground speed may not have always been 3 MPH.
  2. Repeat this ______ with a setting of 5.


  1. Consider adding half of the final 0.35 to 2022 and a half to 2023 and not place any in the 4th year.
  2. Check the lime purchased for 2022 and 2023 to be sure it has the same high RNV.
  3. The January 11, 2021 soil test report recommended 4 T/ac for the bermudagrass portion and 3 T/ac for the Centipede part of the field. Therefore, the centipede area would not need to be limed in 2023 or 2024.

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