June 2018 Work Week and House Renovation

Maintenance Plants/Trees

Tuesday – Arrived after driving through the steady rain from Gulfport. It had slowed to a drizzle when we arrived and so got the TT hooked up and everything works. The rain made it much cooler so that was great.


  • Jeff the trim guy and helper arrived at 7:30 AM. Mary and I talked with him about how to build the shelves in the various closets. We did not bring the dimension for the dresser to go into the master closet. Decided to not leave a place for it but instead build a double rod hanger wall.
  • With Robbie’s help and the trim carpenters, we unloaded the vanity boxes.
  • They put Mary’s door on Ford Lumber’s truck who will build the frame.
  • We took the boxes and art to the storage and then returned the trailer. A thunderstorm went by about 2 pm and we got some rain.
  • Bought a quart of trim color and a quart of the wall color. Painted patches in five places and two pieces of scrap trim.


  • Unloaded the grain bin enough to put up one set of LAN shelves. Put things on it and have more access.
  • A turkey walked across the cotton field from west to east.
  • Added second coat of test paint to the trim and walls. Decided the wall color is way to dark.
  • Used the 4-cycle line trimmer to cut down the wildflowers that had gone to seed.
  • Rained again today starting about 2:30 PM.

Friday the 15th

  • Bought a lighter color wall paint at Sherwin-Williams to try. The final colors used are below.

Deepened the bed in front of the office to remove the high grassed mound.

Went to Blair’s and bought two Popcorn Drift white roses by Star Roses & Plants and a Limelight Hydrangea to put there. The roses came from Flowerwood Nursery, Inc.

Moved the daylilies that were in the way and needed to be separated to the three gaps between the crepe myrtles along the road fence.


  • Tilled the spaces at the rose bushes between three crepes and moved eight clumps of daylilies there.
  • Planted the new hydrangea and two roses in the wider bed outside the office window.
  • Moved two daylily clumps closer to the new edge and away from the existing knockout roses.
  • Ted arrived about 10 to mow and it began to drizzle but he kept going and it did not rain hard until he was done.

Sunday: Did less work but got some done. Trimmed the camellia outside the MBR closet window so Mary can see from her makeup table when that time arrives. Decided what furniture fits where and made a MSPublisher plan showing the layout.

Monday, the second week:

  • Painters arrived and caulked.
  • Robbie was out and told him about the door and talked about the added can light in the study.
  • Line trimmed around the barn, bin, and equipment. Rained all around but not here.


  • The day started with Lady finding a skunk and getting partially sprayed. She tried to get it off in the dirt and so was a big mess. Bathed her before 6 AM.
  • Spread 50 lbs. of granulated Gypsum on the old barn site where the grass was struggling to grow
  • Sprayed 2,4-D on the dollar weeds and purple weed there and under the pecan tree.
  • Bought a hose timer by Obit and soaker hose and set it up to water the new plants in the expanded bed.
  • Sprayed the few Nettles and briars in the pond field. Ted mowed it Friday.
  • Bought 2 scopes of crushed pine bark mulch at Dawes turf farm but the scoop was smaller than at Koehners. Put it on the extended bed in front of the office Wednesday.
  • Ted moved the cows back to this side of the road and to eat down the grass in the areas around the house next to the road. Five new ones made for happy watching for Mary.


  • Bought a sack each of cottonseed meal, 34-0-0 and 13-13-13. Put the cottonseed meal on the new plants in the expanded bed and everywhere else including the citrus trees.
  • Put mulch around the 4 citrus trees and the three Sunset Magic crepes along the driveway after the cottonseed meal.
  • Three turkeys walk across the north field near the back from east to west.
  • Spread the 34-0-0 on the azaleas per the soil test report recommendations.
  • Painters spraying and painting molding.
  • Welborn cabinets delivered and installation began. See emails with Robin about the shallow drawers in the island we deepened to regain space lost when the island what shortened.

Thursday, June 21 

  • Before 7 am, we spread the 2 scopes (1 CY) of mulch bought at Kroners late yesterday when we picked pavers for the two patios.
  • Put it on the two sections of new beds between the crepes at the roses and around the roses in front of the gate.
  • Geroge Raines/cabinet maker came by at Robbie’s request, to talk about a cabinet below the TV. We also talked about one in the Vanity Room across from the vanity. — g_raines@bellsouth.net 251-661-2464
  • Bought two more scopes of mulch at Kohners and spread on the linear bed at the driveway and, at 7 PM distributed mulch on the linear bed along the driveway. About 7:45 Mary was not to be outdone so she spread it.
  • The day ended 13 hours after it started mulching flower beds.


  • 6 AM – Tilled remaining beds between crepes at the road.
    Moved daylilies into the spaces either side of the roses like we did the other day.
  • Jack Knippenberg emailed us aerials taken with his drone.


  • Cut grass with the JD
  • Sprayed glyphosate around the citrus trees outside the new mulch
  • Driskells plowed cotton and left all three gates open
  • Finally took some of the old oil to O’Reiley’s

Sunday – Our last day before returning to Houston

  • Sprayed Ferti-Lome fungicide on the Aspidistra and all the roses. This was the second treatment in a week.
  • Mary cut the grass in the pecan orchard and I line trimmed.
  • Hauled limbs to the burn pile

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