January Hard Freezes to Kickoff 2018


After a cold wet week between Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve, New Year’s day began with 10-20 MPH winds whistling through the pecan trees and frozen pipes and no heat in the house. The pond had a thin ice layer when we left at 9 AM.

January 2, 2018, saw a low temp that morning of 21 and a high temperature during the day of 40.

3rd – In the morning it only got down to 31. Blossman Gas checked the tank, found it empty even though the gauge said 50%. Added 50 gallons, checked for leaks and found none but he and Peg could not get it to light. Peg went back after Mandy picked up TS and adjusted the thermostat to 60 from 50–it came on.

4th – At 5:30 AM temp is 25 degrees. At 1:30 pm it is 45° for the day’s high.

5th, Friday – At 6:30 Am the temp is 27°. The high was 50°.

Sunday morning, 1/14/18, began the next cold spell when the morning temps fell into the mid 20s today, Monday and Tuesday. The full arctic cold front rolled in on Wednesday, 1/17/18, and the temps fell to 18° at sunrise. This was the storm that dropped a solid layer of sleet on Houston during our last winter there with freeways closed throughout the city.

Thursday morning- Temps fell to 19°. Houston was in the low 20s.

Friday morning – 25°. Houston 39, like is forecast for Mobile tomorrow morning.

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