Onslaught for Yellow Jackets

Delivered 8/17/2020 – Bought to create baits with fresh chicken for yellow jackets in the ground around the grain bin and barn.

Label here.

Also bought an Alpine Bait Station to be set up per this:

Suggestions For Yellowjacket and Onslaught Combination

  1. The recommended rate of Onslaught Insecticide to a suitable bait is 0.025% or approximately 1/4 teaspoon for 10 oz of suitable bait such as fish-flavored cat food or similar products. More is not better. Higher rates may repel yellow jackets.
  2. Thoroughly mix the insecticide into the bait. (Wash container thoroughly afterward.)
  3. Place a couple of ounces in each station, dividing the mixed bait into the Alpine Yellow Jacket Bait stations. Hang about 5-6 feet off the ground in bushes or trees, keeping them away from children.
  4. Recommended spacing is about 50 feet apart. The manufacturer recommends about 8 stations per acre.
  5. Secure the bait stations with the caps and hang them at eye level.
  6. Change the bait every couple days, so the meat does not become rancid. Yellowjackets prefer fresh meat.

1 teaspoon of water weights 4.93 gms. So, 1/4 tsp would weigh 1.23 gms.

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