Arsenal® Herbicide

Manufacture’s Page is here.

Label is here.

Extracts from the Label.

  • Rainfast after 1 hour
  • Use a surfactant
  • Readily absorbed thru leaves and stems and translocated rapidly.
  • Do not treat more than 1/10th of the area to be grazed per year.
  • Maybe tank mixed with other herbicides like glyphosate.
  • Moisten, but do not drench target vegetation so spray solution does not run off.
  • Targets:
    • Cogongrass – Fall Spray, 2 qts. per acre+ MSO after-burn applied to new growth. BUT, control of Bahiagrass only takes 4-6 pts.
    • Chinese tallow Trees – 16-24 oz. per acre
    • Nutsedge – 2-3 pts + MSO
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