Vegetable Varieties to Plant

Summer 2018 – Wayne Moss (friend of Peggy) in St. Elmo grew a great small kernel corn that was “G-90”. He bought the seeds at St. Elmo Feed.

Sweet CornG-90St. Elmo Seed/Feed
Yellow SquashEarly Prolific Straightneck, Summer Crookneck, Early White Scallop, chayote
ZucchiniCocozelle, Spineless Beauty, Black Beauty, Chayote, Calabaza
OkraClemson Spineless, Emerald, Annie Oakley II, Cajun Delight, Cajun Jewel

Southern Giant Curled, Florida Broad Leaf, Tendergreen, Giant Red, Green Wave, Mizuna
Heirloom: Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Eva Purple Ball, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, Delicious
Pinkeye Purple Hull
Beans LimaFordhook 242, Henderson, Jackson Wonder, Dixie (Speckled) Butterpea, Early Thorogreen
Sweet PotatoCentennial, Beauregard, Vardaman, Boniato
Bell PeppersCalifornia Wonder, Red Knight, Big Bertha, Sweet Banana, Giant Marconi, Cubanelle
Jalapeno PeppersHot- Early Jalapeno, Jalapeno M; Cherry Bomb, Hungarian Hot Wax, Big Chile II, Mariachi, Numex, Ancho, Thai, Anaheim Chile, Long Cayenne
Ancho Peppers
Spring CabbageRio Verde, Flat Dutch, Round Dutch, Wakefield types, Copenhagen Market, Savoy, Red Acre
CucumberSlicers: Sweet Success, Poinsett, Ashley, MarketMore 76, Straight Eight, Space Master
Apple Tree‘Anna’, ‘Ein Shemer’, ‘Dorsett Golden’, and ‘Tropic Sweet’ 
Peach TreeSee link for options for our area with 500-600 chill units i.e. hours

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